The Forgotten Army, Italy 1943 – 1945 by Brian Warden

The Forgotten Army, Italy 1943 – 1945 By Bernard Warden I have used the above heading as something that was used to describe the fighting that was going on in Italy during WW II after the launch of the D-Day Landings on the Normandy Coast in 1944. There were two armies fighting in Italy at […]

The Infantry Gunner, by Colonel Toby Sewell

                                                                              The Infantry Gunner                                                                                    It was interesting to see in the ‘Obituary Memoriam’ Jack Parker, July edition, that he had served as a Gunner in an Anti-Aircraft Regiment before being transferred to the Infantry in September 1944. Not enough credit maybe is given to the so many gunners, like him, who were transferred from the […]

Travelling by the Queen Elizabeth by Peter Foren

Travelling by the Queen Elizabeth Peter Foren writes: – “Having read with interest the recollection of the Queen Mary passengers, I am encouraged to set down a ‘potted’ version of my own slightly earlier journey, in hope of encouraging others who went out earlier still, in different circumstances, to come forward.” June ‘2 – Gourock, […]

George William Beale – Grenadier Guards

George William Beale – Grenadier Guardsman (14 November 1913 – killed in action on Monte Camino 9th November 1943)   George was born in Bermondsey in London on 14th November 1913. He was the youngest son of Joseph and Charlotte Beale. He had an elder sister, Dorothy and a brother Joseph. Sadly both parents died […]

Monte Camino – 2nd battle, pre barrage. Operation ‘Raincoat’.

Monte Camino – 2nd battle, pre barrage Operation ‘Raincoat’   At the beginning of December 1943, the second and final assault was mounted on Monte Camino. This time two British Divisions were employed supported by One American Division on the right flank, a different view was taken by those in Higher Command of the fire […]

Monte Camino – The second Battle – 2nd – 5th December 1943

 Monte Camino – The second Battle – 2nd – 5th December 1943 Written by Lt Freeman-Attwood, Grenadier Guards     After our descent from the Mountain at the end of the first battle on the 11th November we were lodged for the night in caves some distance back and slept for over 24 hours on […]

Monte Camino – The First Battle, 5th November 1943

Monte Camino – The first battle, November 5th 1943   This account of the battle was written 18 Months after the event by Lt C M Wheatley, Platoon Commander, No. 2 Coy Grenadier Guards. He was 19 years old at the time of the battle.   At 10.00 hrs on the 5th of November 1943 […]

A Brief History of the 6th Battalion Grenadier Guards

  6th Battalion Grenadier Guards   A brief history by Michael J. Sterling whose uncle (Lt George Beale) was a member of this Battalion, incorporating an account written by Lt C M Wheatley (Platoon Commander, No. 2 Coy).   The Battalion was formed in the year of 1941, under the ever watchful eye of its […]

Robert (Bob) Tong 1923 – 2014

Robert Cecil Tong 1923 -2014 Bob Tong 2 SAS, with no maritime skills to speak of, let alone a map, with only the instructions to keep the Italian coast to starboard, escaped sailing a boat down the Italian Adriatic coast in 1943. Just as he completed this maritime odyssey and entered Allied waters, an RAF […]

The Loss of HMS Spartan 29th January 1944

    THE LOSS OF HMS SPARTAN 29th JANUARY 1944     At sunset on 29th January, the Luftwaffe began a glide bomb attack on the ships in Anzio Bay. At the time of this attack, HMS Spartan was anchored providing AA protection for the ships in the vicinity of the beachhead. Smoke had been ordered in […]